What is Working Folder?

Working Folder is a Fuji Xerox Cloud-Based Storage Service that links to Fuji Xerox multifunction-devices, Mobile Devices & Desktop Computers.

Process Flow for Working Folder

Main Features/Benefits:

  • Flexible Document Sharing enabling users to Upload/Download Documents via Fuji Xerox Cloud Server.
  • Incoming Faxes can be automatically sorted into corresponding folders in Working Folder by fax number or sender name.
  • Pictures and Videos shot with a mobile device can be uploaded to Working Folder & shared in real-time.
  • Mobile Access from unregistered devices can be restricted by registering Mobile App IDs. Combined with IP Address restrictions, this feature enables access control tailored to suit your security needs.
  • Accessible from Mobile Devices which allows timely access to documents both in and out of the office.

Supported Devices that are able to link to Working Folder