Cloud Service Hub is an integration of multiple cloud systems including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, & Working Folder all with a single sign-on feature from Fuji Xerox.

Main Features/Benefits:

Reduce miscommunication and improve efficiency to focus on achieving business growth and maximising profits with Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub. This highly scalable software features a single-sign-on feature for effective management of information and easy collaboration between team members.

1. Better Collaboration for easy sharing of the latest information within teams in the organization. 

    • The latest content can be conveniently uploaded by scanning it from any Fuji Xerox multifunction device in real-time.
    • Up-to-date copies can be stored and shared with team members for easy access.

2. Print directly from mobile devices [IOS & Android] to improve efficiency within the workplace.

    • This software enables users to print directly to any Fuji Xerox MFD using their mobile device using the Print Utility app available on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store respectively.
    • Documents can also be accessed through the MFD and printed directly on the device itself.
    • This reduces the need to walk to your PC or Laptop to print important documents during a meeting or an event.

3. Retrieve files without needing to remember where exactly you have stored your files especially if you use multiple cloud storages.  

    • Cloud Service Hub supports the world’s most popular cloud services such as Fuji Xerox “Working Folder“, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, One Drive & SharePoint Online.
    • CSH enables users to access multiple cloud platforms using a single sign-on feature in addition to being able to print & scan to and from these cloud services.
    • Folders can be browsed from these cloud services using a single-search function to locate files stored.

4. Easy Conversion of Files to improve overall productivity. 

    • A wide variety of files including DocuWorks, Microsft Office, JPEG & TIFF are supported.
    • Before printing, these files are automatically converted to PDF files. This reduces the time needed to convert the documents manually before printing.

5. High-level data security to prevent data leakages and breaches. 

    • High secure data transmission with Cloud Storage protection by an SSL certified, SSL encrypted and data centre security compliance.