What is DocuWorks 9?

DocuWorks 9 is a Document Handling Software made up of an electronic desk reproduced on your PC (DocuWorks Desk) and a tool for browsing and editing documents arranged on this desk (DocuWorks Viewer). This software is designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations with the goal of enabling anyone to work from anywhere, at any time.


Main Features/Benefits:

    • Edit & Organize documents using tools such as Folder, Binders, Stamp, Stick Note & Keyword Search using the OCR Feature.
    • Share operating procedures and coordinate with your team using “Task Toolbar”, which allows for customization of multiple tabs.
    • Gather & Process information that you need smoothly with your own portable electronic desk, “Task Space”. Retrieve documents from the Cloud/Internet while being able to continue working on tasks from anywhere.
    • Security functions such as protecting documents with passwords and prohibiting editing/printing are also supported.
    • Mobile Linkage enables you to view and edit DocuWorks documents on IOS or Android mobile devices.

“Work Space”, A Portable Electronic Desk

“Task Toolbar”, Organize & Arrange Functions that you use frequently

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