What is Portable UI for Business?

Portable UI is a free application from Fuji Xerox available on both IOS & Android devices. The app enables users to perform basic operations such as copy, scan (Store to Folder | Email), and fax using all from their smartphone, which acts as a portable UI panel. Users simply need to set a job on their smartphone and touch the Near-Field Communication (NFC) reader on the Multifunction Device with their smartphone. The job will automatically start therefore limiting crowding around the Multifunction Device during work hours.

Features & Highlights: 

  • Download the App for free on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Optional equipment (e.g., IC card readers) not required as Near Field Communication (NFC) is built-in on the MFD.
  • Wireless network & Access Point must be set up on-site.

Simply set a job on your smartphone.

User-Friendly Operability:

1. Enlarged Text

Size of the text characters can be increased for users with difficulty reading small characters.

2. Text-to-Speech

Operational procedures that are not displayed on the screen, as well as the displayed procedure, are able to be read aloud.

3. Enlarged Screen Display

Specific parts of the screen can be easily enlarged for easy viewing.

4. Colour Inversion

In order to see the characters easily, the background colour can be darkened, whilst the characters can be brightened.


Registering frequently-used settings as favourites:

The Copy, Scan (Store to Folder), Scan (E-mail) & fax settings set on the application screen can be saved as favourites. Jobs can be started immediately after any setting is selected from [Favorites], and a mobile device is touched to an MFD. Up to 30 favourite settings can be registered for a single user.